D.E. Rice Services

D.E. Rice Construction Company has some of the most skilled and seasoned professionals in the industry. We provide pipeline and plant construction, heavy earthmoving, and environmental services.

D.E. Rice Pipeline / Plant Construction:

Pipelines - D. E. Rice Construction Company has installed pipelines ranging in length from less than one mile to in excess of 100 miles using both polyethylene and steel pipe up to 30" in diameter. A large number of these pipelines were installed under adverse conditions, including rough terrain with a large amount of rock excavation required, installation through congested areas with a large number of crosslines and river crossings.

Plant Construction - Our experience in plant construction includes installation of piping, structural steel, concrete, electrical items and instrumentation in a refinery environment as well as complete plant turnarounds. In the oil and gas field, we have installed various size compressor stations and have performed other work, including the installation of pigging facilities and drip installations. Work in this area has also included fabrication and repair of pressure vessels in our fab shop and in the field. We are currently certified to fabricate pressure vessels in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII Division I "U" Stamp Certificate of Authorization and are certified to make repairs and/or alterations to boilers and pressure vessels in accordance with the National Board Inspection Code "R" Stamp Certificate of Authorization.

Valve Remanufacturing / Machine Work - In October, 1996, we acquired the Panhandle Valve Shop from Phillips Petroleum Company. This division is now operated under the name of Panhandle Valve, Fabrication and Machine, Inc. This shop provides quality, remanufactured and new valves (gate, globe, check, orbit, plug, hydrofluoric acid, etc) and machine work for various projects / applications. As of April 8, 1997, Phillips Petroleum surveyed our valve shop for compliance with quality control requirements and approved the shop for performance of work on a company wide basis.

D.E. Rice Heavy Earthmoving:

D. E. Rice Construction Company began performing heavy earthmoving projects for such major customers as Phillips Petroleum, Diamond Shamrock Refining and Marketing Company and Colorado Interstate Gas Company. These projects consisted of construction and closure of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste facilities and tank dike and earthen dam construction. The Company has now expanded its operations to include heavy earthmoving projects in the cattle and swine production industries, public waste facilities and railway work.

Waste Facilities – The Company has constructed several hazardous waste facilities for Phillips Petroleum Company and a large number of non-hazardous waste facilities for various customers since 1986. These projects ranged in size from $100,000 to $11,000,000. Work required for completion of these projects required extensive earthmoving, bentonite clay and polyethylene liners and installation of concrete and leak detection systems.

Closures – We have completed closures on a large number of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste impoundments. These closures consisted of solidification and shaping of the subgrade to the correct elevation, installation of a bentonite clay cap mixed to the required percentage to insure permeability of 1x10-7 cm/sec or less, assistance in installing flexible membrane liner if required, installation of the final topsoil or rip-rap cover and seeding of the project site. These projects ranged in size from $40,000 to $4,250,000.

Road Work – We have completed a number of road projects, including new right-of-way construction and existing road rehabilitation projects. These projects were completed for Phillips Petroleum Company, Ultramar-Diamond Shamrock, BP Amoco, TxDOT, and various municipalities.

Tank Dikes and Other Large Projects – D. E. Rice Construction Company has constructed a large number of containment dikes. We have also constructed complete wastewater treatment facilities and new landfills for Texas municipalities as well as a 100 million gallon freshwater storage reservoir near Midland, Texas. The majority of these projects required construction of retention ponds and the installation of bentonite clay or polyethylene liners as well as various concrete structures and pump stations. Several of these projects also included the installation of cement stabilized soil for wave protection.

Solidification of Hazardous / Non-Hazardous Waste – The Company has completed a number on hazardous and non-hazardous waste solidifications. In 1999, Rice Environmental, Inc. was formed. This new company completes the solidification of both hazardous and Non-hazardous wastes. David T. Musser, former president of ENRECO, Inc., is president and in charge of operations for this company. His experience includes completion of more than 265 projects (over 3.1 million cubic yards of material) and in excess of 2,100 treatability studies.