D.E. Rice Quality, Philosophy, and Mission Statement

Quality is the single most important issue our organization faces today.  We recognize that a reputation for quality is essential to our company’s future.  We believe our commitment to quality gives us a competitive advantage.

Our mission is to provide the finest quality service to our customers, to recognize their needs and to meet those needs.

Our quality program is based on five strong pillars of quality:

Customer Focus:
We believe that in order to produce high quality products and services, we must first recognize and then meet our customers’ needs.

Total Involvement:
Improving quality is everyone’s job from the bottom to the top.  No employee is excluded.

The employees of D.E. Rice Construction Company, Inc. will measure how well we are doing.  Self-inspection is the first step to a quality project.

Systematic Support:
We believe serious quality improvement cannot occur without support systems such as strategic planning, budgeting and performance management. 

Continuous Improvement:
Our organization is aware of our ability to perform at a higher level.  In order for us to build and maintain a quality advantage, we are continuously searching for new and better ways to service our customers.

These five pillars of quality are universal and apply to all employees.

Implementing and maintaining a quality program gives our organization an advantage.  We are able to contain costs while increasing customer satisfaction and improving our bottom line.  With a quality program in place, we can and will be more competitive in our industry.