D.E. Rice Environmental Health & Safety

Key Elements of Health & Safety and Environmental Compliance Program, Including Roles and Responsibilities.

The health and safety compliance program includes a corporate level Health and Safety Manager who reports to the President. This provides a high level of visibility for the program and emphasizes the impor­tance of health and safety within the Company. The health and safety manager oversees the field health and safety officers. Communication of this safety culture throughout all levels of the Company is an essential element of the success of the program. Safety training and frequent safety meetings reinforce this culture. Worker health and safety concerns at the site will be addressed in a site-specific health and safety plan (HASP). The HASP will discuss the various hazards known to be present at the site, as well as control measures to be applied. Engineering controls, such as water spray to reduce airborne dust, will be implemented when feasible / required. Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) will be specified in the HASP based on anticipated hazards. Upgrading or downgrading of PPE will be in accordance with air monitoring requirements specified in the HASP.  All on-site personnel will be properly trained.

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